Tips for Buying a Refurbished Phone in Portugal

Tips for Buying a Refurbished Phone

Tips for Buying a Refurbished Phone in Portugal

The price of new phones in Portugal or even any other European country is not quite appealing, especially if you don’t have deep pockets. However, do you know you can get a top-quality refurbished phone for a relatively pocket-friendly price? There are many credible refurbished phone sellers in the country, and even better, you can buy online from the comfort of your living room.

Nevertheless, before you get all excited about owning a high-end refurbished iPhone, there are some things your need to know. You don’t want to regret spending your hard-earned money on a phone that does not serve you right.

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What is a Refurbished Phone?

Before you step on the streets of Lisbon or any other city in Portugal in search of a credible seller, do you know what a refurbished phone is? Most people think refurbished phones are the same as second-hand phones, but they are not!

Ideally, a refurbished phone is sold by a manufacturer, retailer, or network, while a second-hand one is often sold by an individual. A good phone might have developed some unwarranted issues, and a user returned it or sold it back to the specific phone company or manufacturer. These entities then run checks, repair, and sell it if it meets certain market standards.

Pros and Cons of  a Refurbished Phone in Portugal

Just like buying any other product, there are two flip sides of the coin when you buy a refurbished phone. Some of these pros and cons of buying a refurbished phone include the following:


  • They are way cheaper than new phones
  • You get a warranty, unlike when you buy a second-hand phone
  • They are environment-friendly since they help reduce electronic waste, they are recycled goods.
  • Before they are sold, they are checked, repaired, and tested, hence in perfect operational condition


  • Since they are not new, they might not come with all the accessories of a new phone
  • Relatively more expensive than second-hand phones
  • They may have come with scratches and wear marks
  • Their warranty is shorter than that of new phones


iPhone 14 Pro Max APPLE
iPhone 14 Pro Max APPLE

Things to Consider When Buying a Refurbished Phone

The advertising world might be deceiving with every other seller promising to offer the best but you need to be careful. If you want to buy a refurbished phone in the Portuguese market, you have to consider the following critical things:

Buy from a Legitimate Seller

There might be many reputable refurbished phone sellers in the country, but you need to identify the most reputable sellers around. Buying from a legitimate, certified seller comes with benefits you cannot overlook. For instance, you are sure the phone is not stolen and will not cause legal issues. Even better, you get appealing warranties to ensure you enjoy your phone stress-free.

Do not go for cheap unrecognized onsite or online stores. Do some market research by asking around or even looking at reviews of the available sellers. Of course, you won’t buy from a store with 1 rating from over 1000 buyers!

Understand the Grading System

Before you purchase a refurbished phone, you need to understand the grading system. Ideally, reputable sellers will include a phone’s grade in the description to show what and how much cosmetic damage it has. This way, you identify how much cosmetic damage you can work with. The more damage, the lower the grade.

Most sellers in Portugal grade their devices as follows:

  • Grade A: This is almost like purchasing a new phone. The phone has zero signs of wear and tear and could come with an original box with accessories.
  • Grade B: The phone might have a few scratches here and there with little cosmetic damage, but it is in good working condition.
  • Grade C: The phone literally looks used, but it is in good working condition.
  • Grade D: This refurbished phone may be broken in some way and will obviously look like a second-hand device.

Warranty and Return Policies

One of the easiest ways to identify a legitimate refurbished phone seller is through warranty and return policies. If a seller is confident enough to offer a warranty and offers an appealing return policy, then you can have confidence in the quality of their phones.

Moreover, since buying a phone is a money-consuming investment that could have dug deep into your pockets, you need to have some worthy protection. In case your phone develops some unwarranted issues, you can return it for service or even replacement. You can always go for the seller with the longest warranty and the friendliest return policies.

Check the Accessories

There is no guarantee that your refurbished phone will come with accessories, and you could even choose to buy just the handset alone. However, some sellers attach the necessary accessories such as chargers, mains plus, and headphones, among others.

If your seller is offering the accessories, ensure they are original manufacturer-issued options. Remember, the wrong accessory can damage your phone. For instance, a wrong charger will damage your battery and compromise your phone’s battery life.

Consider your Budget

Your budget will ultimately determine the brand and the quality of the refurbished phone you buy. Of course, you can’t buy what you can’t afford! However, you can choose the best quality that aligns with your budget. Luckily, refurbished phones are not as expensive as new phones. You can get something for your budget without having to break the bank.

Credible Refurbished Phone Sellers in Portugal

There are many reliable second-hand phone sellers in Portugal. However, the following sellers are among the most reputable entities in the country.

Onsite Sellers

  • OLX Portugal
  • Media Markt
  • Worten
  • Ponto Frio
  • eloja

Online Sellers

  • Amazon Portugal
  • Trocafone
  • Olixar
  • PcComponentes
  • Cash Converters


Buying a refurbished phone in Portugal will definitely save you money, but it is not a straightforward engagement. You need to not only know the right place to buy but also consider the necessary things to ensure you buy the best option available and avoid getting duped. Luckily, this article will guide you accordingly.

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